Friday, November 18, 2011

Free Tutorial: Rainbow Earrings

The holiday season can be overwhelming and stressful. Release some of that stress by making some pretty jewelry projects for yourself and for your loved ones! Making jewelry gifts for those you care about is a fantastic way to show off your creativity and make everyone happy - including your wallet :-)))
Today, I would like to share how to make simple beautiful earrings. 

You will need:

·  Jump rings 6mm (OD), 18ga multicolored (8 different colors, 6 rings of each color)
·  2 silver ear wire
·  Jumpring tool, opener and closer
·  2 chain nose pliers

 1). Get two ear wires. Then, get 6 rings of each color and put the same color in one row, as shown in the picture. (Photo1)
2). Pick up one ear wire, and open the loop connected to the bottom of the ear wire. Put 3 red rings on the loop, and then close the loop. (Photo2)
3). Take the middle red ring and open it. Put 3 pink rings on to the middle red one, and then close the red ring. (Photo3)
4). Take the middle pink ring and open it up. Put 3 gold rings into the opened pink ring and then close the pink ring. (Photo4)

5). Take the middle gold ring and open it. Put 3 yellow rings into the opened gold one, and then close the gold one (Photo5) 
6). Take the yellow middle ring and open it. Put 3 green rings into the opened yellow one, and then close the yellow one. (Photo6)
7). Take the middle green ring and open it. Take 3 dark green rings and put them into the green one, and then close the green ring. (Photo7)        
8). Take the middle dark green ring and open it. Put 3 blue rings into the opened dark green ring, and then close the dark green ring. (Photo8)       

9). Take the middle blue ring and open it. Put 3 purple rings into the opened blue ring, and then close the blue ring. You have just finished an earring! (Photo 9)
10). Repeat steps 2-9 to make your second earring! (Photo10)

Using this technique and different materials you can create different earrings.

Good Luck!!!

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