Friday, April 4, 2014

Day 18. Boost Your Online Reputation.

Online reputation “is a combination of history and experience”. It makes sense and this is so natural – “bad” businesses do not stay around for a long time. How to distinguish between good and bad? I think customer’s experience determines that. So, the longer I’m in business, providing good customer experience the better my reputation. The real question though is how to boost it.

I think Etsy is doing quite a good job helping business owners to boost online reputation by allowing and encouraging buyers to leave feedback. More than that, usually this feedback will be posted without shop owner’s approval, which makes it much more valuable for other buyers. It definitely helps.

Lisa suggests using special phrases to help users notice best sellers: “You can help your customer find social proof on your business by using phrases such as, “best-selling,” “back by popular demand,” and “previously sold out” on items that have a history of doing just that. “ It sounds interesting and I’m going to try it. For instance, I have tutorials and kits which will be good candidates for this. Also some of my bracelets are relatively simple and I have sold quite a few items of some of them:

3 Lilies Beaded Kit

Man's Copper Chainmaille Bracelet

BUT my business is not really a wholesale business. What confuses me is how many items of the same product shall I sell to honestly add a sign “best-selling”? And most of my items are “one of a kind”; there is no other one exactly like that…

It seems almost like I’m on a wrong side of the road. On the other side – popular things, jewelry that everyone likes and wants, big brands like “Alex & Ani”, “Pandora”, “Chamilia”... And how can you make a single item, a truly unique jewelry piece as popular as “boxed” product which could be bought anywhere and worn by every other teenager? It is sort of a paradox: everyone wants to wear popular things and remain unique at the same time.

The answer seems obvious – as soon as we start talking about business, we shall start talking about mass production and repeatability. But I’m not ready to give up my dream and am choosing to keep making unique, one of kind jewelry in “limited” (usually single) quantities. I’m going to keep making them from the best materials I can find and providing the best service to my customers. This is “So Me! Jewelry” and I’m here to prove it!

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  1. You have managed to write down some of my thoughts perfectly! A lot of tips I read about selling are tips more for people who keep selling the same products. But many sellers on Etsy do make OOAK only. Still, there is a lot to learn from the things you wrote about!

  2. Some great ideas :)

    Popping over from Blogspot Team :)

    Happy Weekend, cheers, T. :)

  3. I Hear you! I love one of a kind!

  4. I would use terms like one of a kind, unique and popular, original, stuff like that to make your listings stand out. Whatever phrase you decide to use, be sure to put it in your tags.

  5. I totally understand your plight and I think a lot of ppl feel the same way you do. I'm all about keeping my items unique and special. Otherwise it's kind of like what's the point?

  6. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I think these thoughts run trough many sellers minds. I think the most important thing is to stay true to what you want to do. I do both wholesale and unique items and I find that this works very well for me. But if you love making unique one of a kind items then that is what you should stick with. Follow your heart I say :)



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