Monday, March 24, 2014

Day 14. Start a Blog

Everyone has its own reason to have a blog.

Many experts are saying that blogging helps people to know each other better in a cyber space. Knowing brings trust and trust brings all kinds of relationship, including commercial. So it is good to blog and it is good not only for individuals but also for businesses.

I used to write one in a while and realized that blog helps me to stay focused. I have a very good imagination, and when I think of something, I jump from one thought to another and another and soon I can’t remember where it all started. When I try to explain it all on paper, it is not easy for me, but it often helps me see everything from a different angle, it helps me organize my thoughts.

Sometimes when I think about a problem it seems too big and unsolvable, but if I write it down on paper, I'm starting to see a solution, I begin to understand in which direction I should go. As soon as I fully understand the problem (by the way, writing it down requires relatively deep understanding), it become possible for me to come up to an executable set of steps which will lead me to my goal, it allows me to create a plan.

Take for example this “marketing series”. I am absolutely sure that if I had not started to write about it in my blog, I would have abandoned this idea and everything would remain as before. I thought about improving my store for a long time and sometimes when I read an interesting article I change a little bit here and there, but it is not systematic and many pieces are getting forgotten. So, the blog helps me to stay on track and keep moving.

Can it go beyond “marketing series”? I hope so. I think even when I do not have a long term project like this one; we have many subjects to discuss. For instance, from time to time I’m making custom orders, which are not listed on Etsy. So, I’m going to write about custom orders, new techniques I learned, new products I’m working on… Not all subjects are supposed to be business related, I guess. We all love to travel, to do all kinds of things. Who does not like a good book? And how would I know about it if someone does not share this book with me on her blog?

So let’s do it together! This is very important to me. I’m looking forward to see your comments; I rely on it and certainly appreciate all your participation. I do really believe that there are many of you who way more advanced in many subjects and I learn a lot from your comments. So, keep it up, help me, help us to get a better understanding and obtain more knowledge.

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  1. I blog for several reasons, but it is also great for stress relief, record keeping, promotion and friendship. Great article!



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