Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Day 11. How to Sell on Etsy (beginning)

At the beginning, I want to say thanks to all who participated in the survey of the Day 9 article (photo). And for those who made comments – special THANK YOU! The winner of survey is picture #1. I think we shall talk about it a bit more in the next posts.

Today we come to the most interesting part (the reason for this whole journey): how to sell. Based on the plan there will be more than just one day about “how to sell”. We have already discussed photos and tomorrow I will have to work on listings. The next day would be about social media. After that... well, I still have so many questions even about a proper description for a listing, so I would better focus on my today tasks and leave future tasks for the future days.

I used to think that “If you build it, they will come”, but Lisa is saying this is a myth which does NOT work. She convinced me (partially) that telling a story in a product description is a bad idea also. Well, my descriptions are relatively short and precise, no stories. But that does not seem to help a lot. So, my take on this – there is a balance needed. I’m planning to experiment a bit and pay more attention to the results and methods I’m going to use.

For now, my plan is to take one of my latest creations and prepare a perfect listing for it. Well, perfect means the best I will be able to come up with working on the next day’s assignment. Please, do not hesitate to comment and advice – any feedback is greatly appreciated. I do believe that together we may discover a better formula for a listing description.

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  1. Interesting point about the story in your description. I never do it but always interested in other people stories. well, maybe "About" section is a good place for it.



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