Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 5. Trim Your Expenses

I think at this moment I’m doing relatively good job here. At least, I love to think this way. Mostly, because I’m doing it for a few years now and soon enough I got the list of my favorite places.

For example, bubble envelops I bought few years ago on eBay for 17 cents per item. Cheap to buy, expensive to keep – I have to fight with my husband for a space in a storage room for a large box which sits there…

Most of the beads and stones I buy from Fire Mountain Gems. They have all kinds of wholesale discounts. The best discount I got when I was teaching classes in Arizona’s Tucson Gem Show. Fire Mountain Gems were our sponsors and I have to admit, they are quite generous, I’m very thankful to them.

By the way,
Tucson Gem Show is probably the best place to buy all kinds of stuff – beads, stones, pearls, wire, tools – you name it! You can find pretty good prices there too.


But the best price ever I got in Bermuda. Hard to believe? There is a large beach with sea glass in Bermuda. This is a beautiful place and almost unlimited source of colorful, which is rear, sea glass! Absolutely free. Local beaches are always helpful too – I brought a lot of beautiful sea shells from South Carolina.

I’m looking for inspiration and quality materials everywhere I go. If we travel somewhere I always spend some time in a local bead store or a gallery (preferably both). I rear found a store with better prices than online wholesale store; but occasionally I can find in a local store something really unique and very often not very expensive.

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  1. I wish I were in Bermuda to collect some sea glass for wire wrapping!



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