Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 10. Why Sell on Etsy or Why I like Etsy.

I’m still registered on several other shops like ArtFire and USTrend, but I don’t know any other shop that would provide such a good service as Etsy does. I’m talking about both – sellers and buyers.

As a seller or I should say as a shop owner, I think the listing price is reasonable and I certainly appreciate all the features Etsy gives me in terms of managing my listings.

First of all, it is really easy to add a new product to the shop – usually it takes only a few minutes - all I need is set of images (good quality images we were talking about in the post Day 9), description and a price. I also like shop sections and always use them. It helps me better organize all my listings.

Turquoise And Copper Butterfly Long Necklace

Secondly, I do really like all the reports I have on Etsy (they call it “stats”). Stats show not only my sales and total numbers, but also all basic search reports – I can easily check how many people viewed my products, how they searched them (keywords), traffic sources (direct traffic, facebook and so on) and geographical location of viewers. Traffic sources on Etsy even shows other Etsy links, like treasury, favorites and other shops that sent me users.

Also I like that Etsy is really growing and they constantly improve their services as well. This is like a closed circle – new features bring new sellers, more sellers attract more buyers and more buyers making it more desirable for new sellers…

For the buyers, I think this is important to feel safe buying product or service online and doing it on Etsy makes me feel safe. Etsy is like for handmade products – it is really easy to search here, it is easy to leave feedback and therefore easy to find trusted shops. Occasionally I’m buying some goods on Etsy myself and always feel pretty comfortable doing that.

Another thing that attracts me to Etsy as a buyer is unique products. I do not know any other centralized place where I can find truly unique and interesting, sometimes even crazy, things. Here are a few examples of goods that I do like and admire designer view of their authors.

Terrarium from lonesomehobo

Geometric leather cardholder from StAnderswo


  1. I love Etsy too, and for all the reasons you listed. I also love the group and forum feature. While lots of websites offer forums, lots of times people are just nasty or rude on them, and Etsy is not like that. I love the bamboo lamp you shared, such a beauty.

  2. I totally agree with everything you just said! Etsy is a great place for sellers and buyer alike!



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