Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 7. Packaging 101.

I’m taking packaging seriously, very seriously. I believe that there is only one chance to make a first impression and the first impression in an order delivered by mail will be made by package. More than that, I’m making and selling jewelries and very often people are buying it for a special occasion. It could be as “casual” as Valentine’s Day or as unforgettable as wedding. So I really want to make it unique. Yes, also beautiful and confident J (I’m getting use to my new slogan).

However, it does not mean that packaging must be expensive.

Of course, best deal you can get by buying larger quantities. This is what we all do from time to time. I also got the rule to go to the local stores after big holidays - usually, you can get pretty good deals there with up to 50-60% off for a beautiful boxes and ribbons. Michael’s, AC More, Christmas Tree Shop – those are my favorites.

For example, for these beautiful boxes I paid $.50. There were 3 pieces in a package, so it is about 17 cents per box.

This box is very nice for small jewelries like bracelet or earrings. It has a screen cover, which makes it really unique and extremely easy to work with – I do not event have to open a box to see what is inside! I bought them in the Michael’s store for $12 per 30 boxes ($.40 per box).

It may look like I’m paying a bit more than I could, but I do really want to make that first impression. Also, I do not have to buy large quantities in the local stores to get a good deal – all I need to do is just keep an eye on sale coupons and do not forget to visit them after big holidays. Having my supply small gives me more flexibility money wise, more packaging variety (means more fun to me) and also helps me to keep my closets unclogged.

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