Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 1. Where to start?

This is an easy and a difficult question all at once. Essentially, it is a starting point of any art, any action. I think the answer is lying at the bottom of my heart. So what is that I love to do?

I know that I love to make jewelry and my designs are product of a burning desire to express myself, my feelings. It usually starts with a beautiful sunrise or sunset, a colorful flower, a tree, a seashell… Pretty much anything can start the process in my head where all of a sudden I start seeing material I want to use; I begin to know what technic I would need to use with that particular material to express that particular feeling.

I use quite a few distinctly different technics. For example, some time ago I made a necklace “Black Sea”, which was inspired by a beautiful Black Sea sunset. The technique I used there is beaded crochet.

This “Lilies of the valley” is made of seed beads and pearls in beadsweaving technique.

Necklace "Arizona" I did after visited Phoenix in Arizona. I used the chainmail technique.

It is never boring to me to learn new technics and to make new jewelries. I love what I do and happy that I can do what I love.

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