Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tucson Gem Shows

Even though February is longer this year, it flew by very quickly. It was a very busy month for me. Earlier this month I was in warm Arizona in Tucson. For three weeks Tucson, Arizona hosts dozens of different gem shows, hundreds of dealer displays and many special events throughout the downtown and nearby hotels during the annual Tucson Gem Shows.

You ask me: What am I doing there? I teach to make jewelry!!! I saw my old friends and I also met wonderful new teachers and students. 

To make long story short, I'll show you pictures (I am a bad writer, by the way).

Three talented instructors-"Chain Maille Lady" Lauren Andersen, Irina Wilson and Me :-)))

Free jewelry making demo: Jodi  Bombardier and Me.

I was teaching next table to my friends Albina Manning and Dale 'Cougar' Armstrong.

I had a wonderful time with  Meredith Arnold and Bea Grob.

Fay and Dolores are taking my "Arizona Necklace" class. They are very talented!!!

This is just a brief of what was going on.  And I'm looking forward to next year!!!


  1. What a nice group! Looks like you had fun, I have never been to Tuscon....someday
    Following you from the PCF Team

  2. Hi, You may find this new book I wrote interesting: 'Beads from Tucson'. It is filled with practical information on the Tucson Gem shows and lots of interviews with the people that make the shows so special. It can be downloaded for free here:



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